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~*~Freak-o~*~ May. 3rd, 2005 @ 11:39 am
GO GO ME!!!! bye-bye!!! *hyper*
Current Mood: hyperhyper
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Geez saying 'I'm Back!' is so lame! Apr. 14th, 2005 @ 01:20 pm
Im not the 'new girl' anymore, im Alex. There's another guy named Alex in my class and he's cool and then there's Garrett (cool 2) and Paz *evil eyes* Let me talk about Paz...SHE'S INSANE!!!!!!! Listen to a FEW words that she says...I bite, I spit, I kick , I poke, I punch, I MAKE FREAKIN RIBBONS OUT OF SOMEONE'S HAIR!!! And she's biting me right now...OW.0,v 0x IM SO COOL!!!STOP IT AWEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx *that was Paz*
Alex (boy) is here too but you don't care do you? He says... hello cheers
Ahem...neway...I will talk more..or type more later.
Current Mood: annoyedANNOYED AT PAZ
Current Music: Why Don't You Do Something?

Hello...Goodbye Dec. 14th, 2004 @ 04:06 pm
I have had a long day. Each class seemed a lot longer than usual. Except in writing where I had a short story due and I had to rush to finish it. Science was ok, we played a game called jeopardy cuz we have a test next class. We get into groups of four or five and then our science teacher asks each group questions and if we get it right we get a point. If we don't then the qestion is passed onto another group and so on and so forth. I went to the computer lab today in social studies to work on a project that we are doing. We a have to compare two countries in europe, but we have to talk about geography, social organization and economy. The teacher who teaches three of my classes teaches this one and she is really strict about it. We have to do it exactly right even on the rough draft! In writing we played this writing/reading game... at first we were winning but then everyone tied with us and eventually another team won... WAAAAA!
I got my christmas stockings yesterday so on christmas eve we'll open all the tiny stocking stuffers inside them. Yesterday my family also got to open some presents that were labeled 'open early' so we did and me and my sis got an ornament for the tree. Out tree doesn't really NEED any more ornaments cuz it's crowded but that is what makes it my family's christmas tree. And besides we always get an 'open early' christmas ornament. For my parents I'm giving them a pot I've been making in school. It is pretty nice...but when I glazed it it turned out entirely blue even though I used a different color on it in some places. You might not know this but glaze (which is like paint) almost NEVER turns out the way you want it so I put another color on my pot in some places and I'm waiting to find out the results. I am kinda worried though cuz I only have one more class of art before school's out so I have to make sure I get the pot during class or else I'm doomed...
Current Mood: boredbored...TOTALLY
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School? NOOOO Dec. 13th, 2004 @ 03:36 pm
I'M BACK!!! I had to go to school today and today is monday so it was like the WORST day to have school. after this week we have vacations!!! YEAH!!! I can't wait! the only good thing about having school today is that now the first day is over with and I only have four more days of school 'till break!!! Soon all i'll have is three days, then two then one and then SCHOOLS OUT!!!! Im not really in the mood for typing but still. I played tetherball today during lunch, when school first started i did that EVERY day of the school week but now I sometimes go into the computer labs and do stuff on the comp.
I would like to play soccer sometimes but i get to shy, it might not seem like it on the computer but really im a very shy person. I only get hyper when im with a small group of people who are all or mostly younger than me. Don't ask me why thats just how i am.
Did you know that i like to roleplay? Ok that was random forget i ever said that... well maybe more later right now im brain dead.
Current Mood: blahblah...totally blah

BLAH!!!! Dec. 12th, 2004 @ 07:17 am
Yesterday was as boring as I planned. the only interesting thing that I actually did was read several pages in a borrowed Rhoald Dahl book and jump on a tramplalene (don't know how to spell that) and put presents under the Christmas tree. We spent around three hours at my friends house and me and Laura my other friend who went as well, read for like two hours. We kept changing positions from inside where no one else was so we moved to outside ontop of the tramp, which was boiling because of the sun so we moved UNDER the tramp where we stayed the rest of the time even though the tiny beagle (i think that's what it was) Jacob kept biting our clothes and books. After that we left and went straight to SHOPPING, CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Christmas shopping is the WORST!!!! All you do is walk all over the place with your parents saying things like, oh there's a a messed up stitch in this jacket that we were planning to get for causin Jane so we'll have to go somewhere else...AHHHHHHH I was there for like THREE AND A HALF H-O-U-R-S!!!!! All we did was walk and I didn't get anything for myself either than a flute thingy and a wooden owl. Several times my parents would say that we were going home after this store but NOOOOOO we had to go look at 'one' more though in their DEMENTED language that means we'll be here for no less than an HOUR!!!! Any way after that we went home and basically watched TV until bedtime. I am even more annoyed and sad now because to day is....dun dun dun....SUNDAY... do you know what that MEANS?? It MEANS that SCHOOL is TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO Ill have to live through a WHOLE week of SCHOOL before the christmas break starts. Ever since there was four weeks left of school each of those weeks have been like one day shorter or something but NOOOO when the real last week till christmas they make it FIVE days long with only a HALF DAY on th last day!!!! That is PATHETIC right? RIGHT??? IM IN A BAD MOOD SO R-I-G-H-T??????????? ok good. ill talk to my fans later k? bye
Current Mood: contentcontent am I really?....NO!!!!
Current Music: I've been workin' on the railroad! All the live long day...
Other entries
» Continued from WOW!!!
SEE??? I TOLD you that I would be back! Well, I'm basically just really bored. I decided to talk to you ppl some more. At the beginning of the year I signed up for the soccer team. I'm not like one of the top players but I'm not the worst either. Anyway we lose EVERY game we haven't won a single one!!! The only time that we were proud of ourselves was when we tied with the American School who beat five zero or something like that in the last game!!! We were SO happy while the other team was annoyed, even thought they didn't lose. Usually we lost 2 zero or more often 1 zero. Now the soccer season is over and here comes my swimming season. Yeah I know it was stupid of me to sign up for swimming but...I was new and wasn't thinking when I wrote my name down. After this year is over all I'm doing is out of water sports. Even though I haven't started to swim competitvly yet I still doubt that I will like it when the tim comes cuz I barely even like the PRACTICE!! We had this weird competition in PE. There was four different things you had to do in a certain time or do a certain amount...for each age we had to do different amounts, as well as for girls who weren't pushed as hard as the boys (genderism or whatever you call it, I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE SAY GIRLS AREN'T AS STRONG AS BOYS THEY ARE!!!!!!!!!). We had to do a certain amount of pushups without atopping, a certain amount of curl ups in a minute, do a hurtle run in a certain time limit (hurtle run is where you run back and forth grabbing something from one side and bringing it back, know what i mean? ), we had to do this thing where you sit down and reach across a piece of wood trying to get to a certain measurement, it really hurt cuz your legs had to be flat, it was called the sit and reach, and finally the hardest thing for everyone was the mile run. We had to do this in a certain time. Since im twelve and a GIRL i had to do 20 pushups (i did 21) 45 curl ups in a minute (i did 49) 36 centimeters for the sit and reach (i did 36) we had to run and grab a piece of wood run back and do that twice in 10.4 sec (i did 9.9) and the mile run we had to run eight laps around our soccer field in 8min 32sec (i...did....it...in....9:50) I did really bad on the mile run. i actually feel really dissapointed in myself, i think if i had practiced at home i would have made it easily but i didn't do that so i failed, next year if we have this thing again i'll practice. If you beat the time or amount you were s'posed to do you got presidential. There was also another time that was a little easier that was National (this is basically second place) If you got all of them presidential then your final score was presidential and you were considered physically fit. if you got four presidential then you got national and if you did less than that then you got Parcipitory which is basically just saying that you tried. As you can see i got all of them presidential except the mile run which i go national on. You can see why i was so dissapointed in myself, if had done better i would have been like the only one who got presidential out of the GIRLS AND BOYS from my grade!!
Anyway, so enough about PE! I have this really cool but strict teacher who teaches THREE classes to me. Social studies english AND writing. In writing we are working on short stories. Each quarter we have to write four pieces, greeting cards, celnder, memior or something and one of those pieces is the one we learn about all through the quarter. This quarter was short strories, the one before this one was memiors. The short stories are s'posed to be no more than 8 pages, but i accidently wrote 10!! I really didn't mean to... Oh yeah Everybody please, if you like to roleplay go visit my website (there is a link under the list of my journals... it is called the Lands of Mystery. Is you go and see it you son't see very much. You need to actually join in order to see all the places where you can roleplay and stuff. I SWEAR i didnt do this on purpose, in fact I have tried to make it so that you can see the threads as a guest but it doesn't work, if you pm me after joining i could make you ministrator or an oracle or a goddess of one of the temples. I only have one other person who has joined and she NEVER posts!!! so help me and just look at it, ok? Well got to go to that friends house i told you about for breakfast? well bye, wish me luck!
» WOW!!!
Ok, so maybe I have been gone for a while this time, i'm sorry to those people who LOVE to read by absolutely FAB posts with information that is SO interesting you nearly FAINT. Anyway several big things have happened in my life since we last met, first of all, I've moved. Not to another house, to another country! Im in Ecuador now. But don't feel sorry for me, I haven't lived in Honduras all my life and am suddenly being pulled away from my friends...no it's not like that. My dad works in the embassy, its his job to move around every three years. We're overseas anyways. If you don't know what that is...TOO BAD! Just kiddind. What was I talking about? ....Oh yeah! Anyway the other things that happened to me were.... ok maybe that was the only BIG thing but still. Yesterday I went to a school dance party though I only danced for like twenty min. or something...anyway I played DODGEBALL in a SKIRT!!! It was impossible! I couldn't kick the ball to the people who were in jail on the other side of the basketball court that we were playing on. Do you even know how to play dodge ball? Whatever. Today I'm going to someone's house for breakfast! I mean who goes anywhere for BREAKFAST??? Afterwards I...CHRISTMAS!!! Yeahhhhh!!1 aren't you glad? AREN'T YOU???? ANSWER ME!!! YOU NEED TO ANSWER ME NOW BEFORE I GET REALLY MAD!!!! Just kidding. Anyway, i cant wait till christmas! Do you have any traditions for christmas? I do. My grandparents send us these really big stockings stuffed with little toys and stuff and we open those on Christmas Eve. we also make cookies and decorate them ourselves. In the morning on christmas day me and my sister wake up at liek THREE IN THE MORNING!!! We can't help it, we get so excited!
I'm in a new school now, so if you read my other journal notes you would know what grade im in now...i wont tell, publicity reasons. Well I'll probably talk more later cuz I'm bored but for now
Adios (bye in spanish)
» Easter!
The trip to Niceragua was great, lots of lifetime experiences so...

EASTER! Uh, today I'm outta words so all I can say is Happy Easter!

tah-tah for now!
» Once Again I Return!!!!
I have come back from the dead... to destroy YOU!!! MUAHHHHH!!!

Huh? What? Oh, didn't see ya... hehehe... that was embarassing... uhhh don't tell interns!
So how's life going where you are?
OH!!! Sorry, forgot I was s'posed to tell YOU that! HEHEHE!
*mumbles angrily: dang, they think I talk to myself, not good for business!*

Alright seriously, I'm gonna go to Nicaragua tamara (can you read that??) I have some puzzles for you! What do these mean:
side side answer: side by side

They are sayings, ok? Here some more!

1) ground

2) cycle

3) stand



6) H
D hand A

6) you/just/me
» I'm Back!
Well, technically I was always here, but I forgot to come. Life has been so hectic lately!
I've been missing a book, lost it at school, and now I've found it, but I lost it yesterday after reading it! How frustrating!?
Today there is this Family Day and I think it will be loads of fun. Yesterday... ok I know this is a JOURNAL, but I don't have to explain my ENTIRE time to you, right?
Alright g2g!
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